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Soul Love | Self Care

Explore techniques to provide gentle care and energy healing for our inner Self through ancient wisdom + techniques including astrology, Jin Shin Jyutsu, tarot + oracle, dream interpretations,  and more.


Practicing yoga helps us to unite our mind, body and spirit through practices or disciplines intending to promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Gates To Yoga was developed around three key areas to help act as guides towards the connection with our inner self + improving our health & wellness.


Energy Healing

Book a private session with Jenny to experience reiki healing energy that provides mental, emotional, and spiritual healing. 


  Online Classes

Online classes ranging from traditional yoga practices, self care techniques, distance reiki energy right at your fingertips.

  In-Person Sessions

In-Person yoga classes, reiki & restorative workshops, private reiki healing sessions, private tarot + oracle readings

 In-Person Sessions

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Performing yoga asanas are important, but it's just as necessary to have mind + body connection. Without the connection, we are simply exercising. With connection of our mind, this is when we are practicing yoga.