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“My intention is to assist others in their road to healing through simple, effective ways that I learned from the teachers that I trained under, the teacher that I found within myself, and the teachings that continuously come from my students.”

- Jenny Gates, Owner

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You will receive access to yoga videos of various styles including Wellness, Vinyasa, Strong Vinyasa, Restorative, Yin, and more. Our classes are led by several teachers with the ability to choose a class that suits the time length you need.

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Alternative approaches for tending to our soul. You will find classes and topics that explore Jin shin Jyutsu, Self Massage, Dream Interpretations, Reflective Journaling, Herbal Tea (Symbolism + Benefits).

Energy Healing

Explore ways to relax and de-stress through instructional breathing techniques, guided meditations, and relaxing classes through the comfort of your own home.

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Jenny Gates, owner of Gates To Yoga, first discovered yoga over a decade ago through her mother. After finding how the practice of yoga created new ways of positive thinking and living, along with the many benefits yoga brings mentally and physically, she decided to deepen her knowledge with yoga teacher training not long after. Jenny teaches just about any style of yoga, but has mostly gravitated to Wellness, Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga over the years. Gates To Yoga was established in 2013 with a goal to assist students on their yoga journey. Through Gates To Yoga, Jenny hopes to bring the same source of inspiration and self-love to her students that she received through her own teachers. "My goal is to help students get started with and continue to assist in their practice of yoga through simple, effective ways that I learned from all of the teachers I've trained under, the teacher I found within myself, and the teachings that continuously come from my students."

Jenny Gates

Yoga Instructor, Owner

Kelsie has had a passion for mindful based movement ever since she was a kid - her first love being Tarzan at age 4 inspired her to climb trees and play with shifting her body weight onto her hands. This obsession with going upside down influenced her parents' decision to put her into gymnastics. After incurring several injuries, doctors forced Kelsie to retire her beloved sport of gymnastics at the age of 14. To help heal her body but still find expression in movement, Kelsie discovered yoga at 15 and avidly practiced until she decided to become a yoga teacher herself. At age 19, in 2015, she became a 200 hour RYT focusing in Vinyasa. Since then Kelsie has become a Reiki Master, taken many workshops in other yoga practices such as: Yin, Restorative, Trauma Informed Yoga, Barre, Meditation, Pilates, Weight Training, Buti Yoga and most recently in Authentic Movements where she underwent her 500 hour certification. She has been teaching for over 5 years and within that time has been working with all walks of life: children to senior citizens, beginner's to advanced yogis, those with physical and mental injuries, professional athletes and people who just want to learn more about what yoga has to offer physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Kelsie Doran

Yoga Instructor

Kris began her yoga journey over 15 years ago after discovering how yoga helped with a particularly challenging time in her life. She took her first training to become a teacher in 2010 and continued with additional trainings eventually moving into the business side of yoga. Kris is an ECYT-200 Yoga Teacher as well as a CYT-500 Yoga Therapist. Kris opened her own studio in 2015. EssentialZen Yoga Studio in Aurora, Ohio is a beloved community studio where all students feel welcome. In 2015, a second EssentialZen location was born in Solon, Ohio through a partnership with Signature of Solon Country Club. Now spending the majority of her time focused on managing the business and staff, she only teachers a few of her favorite classes. Yin, deep longer held stretches, is a favorite as well as Crystal Bowl Meditations. Personally, she enjoys spending time outside during all seasons of the year, a newfound joy in cooking, and spending time with her family. Her husband, Tom, can be found at the studio often building, creating, and fixing things. They have 2 kids, 2 horses, and a doodle dog.

Kris Radzanowski

Yoga Instructor, EZY Owner

Nikki is a passionate yogi and a certified yoga instructor, graduating her 200hr YTT in January 2020. She has spent her first couple of years as a teacher offering indoor and outdoor community yoga to her hometown, and subbing at local studios. As an Ohio native, Nikki feels called to share and expand the transformative practice of yoga, in all its forms, to Eastern America. Her style is strong and precise, yet gentle and intuitive. Finding strength in balance and stillness, while using breath with movement to move through poses. Her classes at any level, will leave you feeling more grounded, and aligned in the body, mind and soul.

Nikki Carnes

Yoga Instructor

Krystal found her love for yoga after her daughter was born in 2019. After seeing firsthand how yoga healed the mind and body, she decided to take her passion to the next level with 200 RYS teacher training. She utilizes yoga/meditation as a guide for balance and equanimity in creating ultimate peace. While practicing as a student and teacher, she gained compassion in helping others through their yoga journeys. Krystal enjoys teaching all types of yoga but gravitates towards wellness/basics classes in hopes to help her students find connection through breath and body. She states "if you can breathe, you can yoga," meaning it doesn't matter what shape your body looks in the asana poses but how you can bind breath with movement to lead a more sustainable way of living. Krystal has many interestings including hula hoop/dancing, traveling, outdoor adventures, astrology, cooking, and gardening.

Krystal Buxa

Yoga Instructor

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